Reflection – 11, May 2017

These past two weeks I gave it my all. At the beginning I had been working on reviewing for the upcoming exam. I worked to complete all of the recursion problems that had been set up. After completing those, I turned back to the quest in Gnimmargorp. I spent a little time on the Turtle-bc quest, realized I was getting bored, and switched to the quest that would allow me to travel to Tsin.

It took me about two class periods, but I was able to complete the quest with ROT13 encoder. The final code ended up looking like this:

I used recursion and loops, and I was able to create a code that worked.

My goal from the last reflection was to finish the ROT13 quest. I did that and completed the goal. I also bought passage with the Tsin, so I can continue with other quests. I had to work really hard to use the recursion, but I was proud that I was finally able to put it to good use.

My goal for the last couple weeks is just to continue working on the Tsin quests. I think the encoding ones are really fun and interesting, and I am looking forward to creating encoders for different codes.

This past year, I learned a lot about my learning style. I really enjoyed working by myself, and coming into class allowed me to reset from all of the other socializing that happens during the day. I was able to concentrate on what I thought was important and fun, and it was an experience that I haven’t really had in other classes before.

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