Reflection – 26, April 2017

In the past two weeks, I gave it my all. I’m still working on the Turtle Quests, and I am finishing up the last one now, the Turtle BC quest. I have also been doing research on recursion and the RO13 code, as well as working in coding bat a little bit.

The code for Turtle BC isn’t very hard, but it is a little tedious. I have done a few letters with just two lines and two curves. The code looks like this:

They look like this when put into Turtle World:

I am still working on the other projects, such as the RO13 code, and that will probably be the main focus in the next couple weeks in between studying.

In preparation for the exam, I have been looking at sites about recursion, and it is starting to make sense. I am going to practice on the problems provided, and hopefully I’ll be ready by the exam. It seemed a little hard to understand, but with examples, it is clearer.

My goal from the last reflection was to work on the Turtlflower quest, which I have not done at all. After that weekend, I realized that I would rather work on a new quest than laboring on the same one for a really long time, so that goal was not completed.

My goal for the next two weeks is the finish the RO13 quest. I think it’s about time that I moved on to something else, and that is a good starting place. I will also be studying for the exam, looking at recursion more and reusing the format in Codingbat.

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