Reflection – 6, April 2017

I have given it my all during the last couple of weeks. I was still working on the Turtle quests, and I finally made some progress. I was able to complete the DizzyTurtle quest and even go beyond that in creating a rough code for the Fermat’s spiral. It was really challenging, and I made a lot of mistakes, but those led to some pretty interesting pieces for my artwork document. Here is the code for Fermat’s spiral and a picture of what it looks like.

And here is one of the “mistakes”.

There was a lot of hit and miss while working on this quest, but it ended in some really cool results.

My goal from the last reflection was to finish either the dizzy turtle quest or the Turtlflower quest, and I am happy to say I was able to complete it. The Turtlflower quest isn’t done, but the Dizzy Turtle was a success. It took me most of the two weeks to finish both the Fermat spiral and the normal spiral.

My goal for the next two weeks is to continue to work on the Turtlflower quest, or to continue working with different kinds of spirals. There are many different ones, such as the fibonacci spiral or Cornu’s spiral. It would be really cool if I could figure out how to code them.

In order to improve my time in Gnimmargorp, I could close any distracting tabs, and I could have programming alternatives to the primary quest I am working on. I can get bored really easily if I am only working on one thing, so if I have a couple things that I am working on, I could switch between them. This would keep me working on programming instead of wandering off.

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