Reflection – 2, Mar 2017

These past two weeks I gave it my all. After finishing the Turtlepies, I spent time working on Turtleflowers, and added some new designs to the document I have, but I have spent the bulk of my time working on Codingbat and preparing for the Boss Battle on Monday. I worked on the advised subjects, so Logic-2, String-2, and List 2. It had been a while since I had worked on Codingbat, so it took some time to remember the format of the programming. I worked steadily on those subjects for the past couple classes, and I definitely feel more prepared for the Boss Battle, although I still have trouble with some problems, especially the logic ones. Here are some of the questions:

My goal from the last reflection was to finish one or two of the turtle quests. I have not officially finished any more of the turtle quests, but I have made progress in both the Dizzy Turtles and Turtleflowers. I spent a lot of time looking at spirals and figuring out how to make them, and I got the turtle to go in a spiral looking shape, but it is not finished yet.

My goal for the next two weeks is to finish the Dizzy Turtle quest. Like I said, I already have a spiral-esque shape, but I need to figure out the math so that the spiral is a perfect spiral.

As far as changes in my view of Computer Science, it has turned out to be a lot more difficult and confusing than I originally thought. Maybe it’s because all of the programming I’ve seen has been done by people who know all about it, so they made it look easy, but it has proven very difficult. Despite this, I like the challenge and am glad that I decided to take the class.

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