TurtlPies and TurtlFowers

So the quest itself does not require an entry, but I worked so long on this one that I thought I might as well write a short one.

This quest took me far more time than many of the others because I had to look up math skills I was not familiar with. I had very rarely worked with radius and circumference in math class, so I had to look up the equations and then figure out how to translate them into Python.

I started out the whole quest on a guess and check system, and that was not at all. I was trying to figure out the math by myself, and it wasn’t working. When I actually took the time to look up the equation, the work went a lot faster. Here is where I got the formula. I also had to work with the functions given to me by python. The first equation that I found used a cosecant to find the radius, but python didn’t have that function built in, so I had to find an equation that used sin, and then I had to figure out how to convert the input to degrees instead of radians. This all took me a long time, with many breaks in between (due to frustration mostly), but I am satisfied now that I have figured it out.

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