Reflection – 16, Feb 2017

These past two weeks have been full of successes, failures, and invention. I can say that I gave it my all. I completed a quest that I had been working on for quite some time, and I started a new document that is keeping track of all of the artistic “drawings” I have made in Turtleworld.

As I wrote about in a another post, I finally finished the Turtlepies quest that I had been working on for about 2 weeks. It took a lot more math than I knew and I had to do a lot of research. I am excited to have finished it and to move on to the Turtleflowers part of the quest that follows it.

I also started keeping track of all of the designs that I have made in Turtleworld, whether on purpose or on accident. They are not the same codes that I have been creating in quests, but ones that have created cool designs that I wanted to keep. I take screenshots of all the “artwork” and then put the code underneath it. Here are a few examples:

def polygon(t,length,n):
   for i in range(n):
def circle(t,r):
def curly(l,n):
   for i in range(n):
def snowflake(n):
   for i in range(6):

def flower(t,n):
for i in range(n):
   for i in range(2):
   for i in range(2):
for i in range(40):
for i in range(2):

They have been really fun to mess around with, changing the angles and the lengths to create different patterns. This was really brought on by the article about the woman who used math to create cool geometric designs. I liked the pictures in the article that she had created, and I realized that I had been accidentally making things like that in Turtleworld.

My old goal was to finish the all of the turtle quests. I was not able to complete that since the one that was working on then I just finished last class. I think that the following quests, such as the Dizzy Turtles and Turtleflowers will take as much as work as this one, so I looking forward to the new challenge.

My new goal will be to finish one or two of the turtle quests, whether it be Dizzy Turtles and Turtleflowers. Since I haven’t met my goal for the last two reflections (of completing all of the quests), I think I will be a little more wary and only think about completing one or two of them. I presume they will be challenging and include more math (yay…).


TurtlPies and TurtlFowers

So the quest itself does not require an entry, but I worked so long on this one that I thought I might as well write a short one.

This quest took me far more time than many of the others because I had to look up math skills I was not familiar with. I had very rarely worked with radius and circumference in math class, so I had to look up the equations and then figure out how to translate them into Python.

I started out the whole quest on a guess and check system, and that was not at all. I was trying to figure out the math by myself, and it wasn’t working. When I actually took the time to look up the equation, the work went a lot faster. Here is where I got the formula. I also had to work with the functions given to me by python. The first equation that I found used a cosecant to find the radius, but python didn’t have that function built in, so I had to find an equation that used sin, and then I had to figure out how to convert the input to degrees instead of radians. This all took me a long time, with many breaks in between (due to frustration mostly), but I am satisfied now that I have figured it out.