Reflection – 10, Nov 2016

So I was out of the country when this reflection was due, so I was unable to complete it before the deadline. Anyways, my work over the past couple of weeks has been great, but…

Python has been really challenging, but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I’m understanding more of the commands and the order in which to put them in. I also really enjoy working with Bob the turtle. It makes it easier for me to visualize what I am writing when I write a code. I was trying to make a circle the other day, but I ended up making this really cool geometric shape instead. Here is the code:

def circle (t,radius):
for i in range (130):

In a way, it did make the circle. I also like how a change in the radius will lead to different shapes.

Before the turtles, I worked with the lullaby challenges, and completed those. They took a lot of the time and research. I used websites such as this one to figure out was going on in the code. I also looked in the emporium and used some of those.

My goal from the last reflection was to install Python and complete the first couple of quests in Cigol. I was very successful, and it was fun along the way. I used to have a hard time visualizing what went on during coding, but it is becoming more clear and I work on more quests.

My goal for the next reflection is to finish the turtle quests and to start on the other quests in the village. I haven’t looked at them all that closely, but I am looking forward to working on them.