Operating (No Doctor Needed)

Operating (no doctor needed)

Multiplication/division has precedence over addition/subtraction no matter the order:

3*4+2 = 14 and 2+3*4 = 14

12/4+5 = 8 and 5+12/4 = 8

Parenthesis take precedence over all other operations:

(2+3)*4 = 20

(6+3)/3 = 3

Exponents (**) take precedence over multiplication/division and subtraction/addition:

5*3**2 = 45 and 3**2*5 = 45

7+2**2 = 11 and 2**2+7 = 11

12-4**2 = -4

Addition and Subtraction occur in whichever order they appear:

7+5-9 = 3

9-5+7 = 11

Multiplication and Division occur in whichever order they appear in:

6/2*3 = 9

3*5/5 = 3


Final Example:

(5+6)+16/2**2 = 15

  • The (5+6) occurs first since it is in parenthesis: 11+16/2**2
  • Then the 2 is squared as exponents take precedence over division and addition: 11+16/4
  • Then the division occurs: 11+4
  • Finally it’s addition: 15


Reflection – 24, Oct 2016

I gave it my all. I created two new projects on scratch. One had fish that the player could interact with, and the other was a beginning of a funny story. The fish were especially fun because I didn’t have to create a storyline. I could focus on the different effects that happened when things were clicked by the player. For example, one fish ran away while another switched colors. I added a food option in which you click the fish food container and the fish would go towards it an eat it. Occasionally the fish would glitch out and they would spin on the spot after eating the food, but it could be fixed by feeding them again.

For the funny story, it was going to be a story about Jack from “Jack and the Beanstalk”, but he was going to quit because the narrator told the whole story before it even began. I worked on creating the sprites to use and the beginning of the dialogue but now I want to move on to Python, so I doubt that it will ever be finished. Maybe if I have extra time….

So my goal from the last reflection was to finish “The Secret Garden”, and as can be seen from above, I haven’t worked on it at all. For some reason, it doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I want to finish it, but I have gotten interested in other projects so many times that I doubt that I will return to it now. I hate to leave projects unfinished, but I really want to move on to Python.

For my new goal, I want to successfully begin work in Python. I have to install it on my computer and get through the first couple of quests, but I am really excited. (In case you couldn’t tell.)

Stretching C MASTERY

In”Stretching C”, I created a setting with a couple of fish that interacted with each other and did stuff when they were clicked. It’s different from other things that I have done because it doesn’t have a story line. It can go on forever. I had fun creating little things for them to do and say, and I added a feature that let you feed them and even added a shark that swam in the background every now and again. It was hard to have them always facing the right way. Sometimes they would randomly swim backwards and I would have to go to the costume and turn them back around. A problem that I never really solved is sometimes, after eating the “fish food”, the fish will randomly glitch out. I don’t know what was causing it and tried a lot of different things to change it, but it still happens sometimes. It can be fixed simply by feeding them again. Overall, I had fun with this quest and like the idea of creating things that allow you to interact more than watch.

Stretching C

(I finally saw the video about mastering, so I added the links in the rest of my mastery posts)