Reflection – 29, Sep 2016

I gave it all over the last two weeks, but not on what I had originally planned…

At the beginning of the two weeks, I spent time on “The Secret Garden”, improving it and adding different aspects to the story. Eventually, after focusing solely on the story, I got bored a sought a new quest. I decided to try “Playing Games” which entailed creating a game that young kids could use. I used an easy concept, creating three mini games based on baseball, basketball, and soccer. It took a lot of work to get the sprites to do as I wanted, and I learned a lot about new blocks that I had never thought about using. One of the tricky bits was communicating to the player that they had successfully gotten the ball in the goal or the basket. I tried to create a check-mark sprite that would appear after each successful attempt, but I couldn’t get it to work. I looked at the different blocks and decided I could get around the problem by changing the color of the ball. If the ball changed they were successful, if it didn’t they had missed. It is a simple concept that kids can understand. I also ran into the problem that I didn’t have an idea for the baseball mini game. I decided to look at the tips provided by scratch and found a simple catching game that would work. This was the baseball game was different but was still simple. I learned about the operation blocks when I used them to randomly place the baseball, and I hope to use them more in the future. Here is the link to the game. I changed having the instructions in the instructions box to having them next to the icons in the game. I think aesthetically, it looks better, and the player will be able to read it.

My goal from the last reflection was to add more to the plot of “The Secret Garden”, including a block in which the player has to type an answer. I have added such a block, but it is not well executed and will probably be taken out. As for the plot, I have barely advanced it at all due to the work on the other game. I am not particularly disappointed in not completing this goal because I was able to achieve other things instead.

Goal: For my new goal, it is going to be very similar to my previous goal. I want to finish the plot for “The Secret Garden”. The details will probably come later, but I want to have the basic idea down, beginning to end, by the time I write another reflection. Once I get the idea, I think it will be easier for me to stay interested.

Creating and Playing Games

I feel like I haven’t been writing very much, so here is a new post.

I just finished creating a game for the quest, “Playing Games”. I created a game where you can a play three different mini games, one based off of soccer, one for baseball, and one for basketball. I originally was going to have each of the games timed and it would change from game to game on its own, but later I decided that it would be more convenient for the player to choose which game they wanted to play and for how long. So I added a home menu for the players to choose from.

I enjoyed creating this game and coming up with different, but similar, activities for each sport. All of the games are very basic so that any child could play them. The different sport settings would keep young children involved longer than if it was just one game.

This activity was a nice break from “The Secret Garden”, which I hope to get back to now and integrate some of the new things I learned from creating the games.

Playing games

Reflection – 8, Sep 2016

These past couple weeks I have been giving it my all. I have mainly been working on one quest, trying to expand it with new concepts. I enjoy coming into class, sitting down, and working without interruptions.

On the topic of the big project, I have made a lot of progress over the past 5 classes. It is beginning to have a storyline, and I have added in some player interaction, which is a little more complicated. I have completed a couple other quests when I become bored with “The Secret Garden”, but never to the same scale. Here is a link to what I have completed so far. Some of the parts took a lot of time to figure out, like how to make the flowers disappear even if they haven’t clicked on, but I was able to figure it out after finding some blocks I hadn’t noticed before. I am really proud of what I have now.

My previous goal was to learn how to get a sprite to walk smoothly and to improve “The Secret Garden”. I have achieved both of those. I had to look up how to make a sprite walk, and that led me to other blocks that I had never considered using before. I have used a lot of those new blocks and “The Secret Garden” has really improved. It is getting more and more complicated, but I am excited to see what it will end up looking like.

Goal: I have hit a writers block in “The Secret Garden”. I want to keep the plot interesting and interactive. I think I am going to try and add some blocks in which the person watching has to type an answer instead of just clicking on things.

Rainbow Bike MASTERY

So this post is a little late.

Cycling through the colors of the sprite, I realized that I enjoy this class a lot because I can choose what I am creating. Each quest has specific guidelines, but they are vague enough that I can create a project that I want. It isn’t forced upon me like other courses. I feel more free.

I enjoyed this simple exercise. It allowed a break from the other more difficult skills. It also forced me to look up how to do something new. I learned how to cycle through colors, which could add a cool effect to future projects, and it inspired new ideas that I will try to use in the future.

Rainbow Bike

Storyteller MASTERY

When I build a story, the quality varies with each story. It depends on the day and how focused I am on the task at hand. I am currently in the middle of a long story that I hope to turn out well, but this story was short and the quality of the work wasn’t as good.

In storytelling in general, I think that I could improve my story lines. I improvise the story line of most of my stories, and if I took the time to think about it more, I would have a better idea of the project is going. I spend a lot of time on the programming itself without an idea of the plot.

The only kind of exercise that can help me with this is to keep creating stories and pay attention to how much time I spend on the actual storyline. The balance of the storyline and the quality of the work is a balance that needs to be struck in any story in any media.