Catching Fire

How to use the Looks blocks:

  1. Walking – by using a sprite that has more than one costume, you can have your sprite walk by changing the costume. This is useful in almost any project.
  2. Show/Hide – These can be used to make the sprite reappear and disappear in case you only want them to be in part of the project. If you have multiple sprites, you probably don’t want them all being seen at the same time, so you can make them appear and disappear accordingly.
  3. Talking – The talking (and thinking) blocks are ways to communicate with the viewer. They help move the story along or communicate ideas.

Catching fire

Take a Walk MASTERY

So I finally figured out how to make a sprite look it’s walking a normal pace for this quest. It was one of my goals for the week, and I did it a lot faster then I thought. I seemed to have forgotten that I could seek help. So far through this coarse, I have been resolved to figure everything out myself, but I have seen that it is obviously easier (and faster) to look for help, whether it be in video or from other people. I am going to try and find more sources of help in the future, and hopefully I can move a quicker pace.

Reflection – 25, Aug 2016

Grade: Great, but I could have worked harder. I was working constantly, but I wasn’t focusing 100% all the time. I would dawdle and take to much time to figure something out.

Despite this, I do feel that I learned a lot over the past two weeks. I have successfully learned how to move characters, change backgrounds, and even create little stories and games in the machine. I created some characters that I hope will keep showing up. I really enjoy the creating things, but I’m always a little nervous about showing them to other people. This class is hopefully helping me to be proud of my work.

Here is something I worked on last class. It’s super simple, but it makes me laugh. I hope to put music behind it at some point, but I’ll get to that later. I don’t know how to put videos into here aside from links, so here it is. It was for the “Dressing Room” quest. I have also started on a story here.

So for a goal… I have yet to figure out how to get a sprite to walk smoothly, so that is my next thing to figure out. I also want to finish that play, but I think that will take a little bit more time. I already have an idea, I just have to figure out how to put it into action. Maybe I’ll even draw my own sprite!

Well, That’s a Good Question

Who am I?

I’ve been asked that quite a bit this week, and I have yet to come up with a halfway decent answer. I’m the one that doesn’t like to talk to people in class. I’m the one that would prefer working alone to working in a group. I’m the one who stays in this class despite there being only two other females. But I’m also the one that works better with a teacher I have a relationship with and I love hanging out with other people.

Passion, that’s a hard one. I guess reading would be a passion. I tend to do that a lot. If it’s things that we do when we’re not doing anything else, than procrastinating is definitely a passion of mine. When I grow up, I want to do something that benefits others, but I have yet to figure that out. Everybody in my family has ended up doing something in the way of education, so I guess that is a definite option.

Well, that seems enough for now.

Moving Around MASTERY

  1. I learned how to move the sprite in a straight line. There are multiple ways to do this, including taking steps, gliding, and changing the x-value. To move halfway across the stage you have to take approximately 200 steps.
  2. Here are a series of screen shots showing the straight-line movement I created on the “Machine” using steps and glides.  Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.28.35 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.28.45 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.28.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.29.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.28.53 PM
  3.  So far, I have enjoyed the learning environment in the class as I prefer to learn more independently then in a group. I enjoy helping others if they ask, but learning from the program is fun and informative.