4/26 Reflection

I gave it my all; as the final is approaching, I have decided to improve through some higher level problem like the functional ones. Those problems are a lot harder than the previous ones, they require some certain logics of coding including a higher level of coding language. In order to achieve the targets I have to use some of the outside coding materials to help me sole those problems . Meanwhile, I am reviewing some of the techniques of weaving a game in scratch. For further goals, I would finish the rest of functional-1 and start doing functional-2, map-1 and map-2

Self reflection 4/6

I gave it my all; for the past week, I have been working on both Java script and python script, but mostly Java. The contents are getting more complicated and upgraded from the simple string to a complex version of string and logic. For the future, I will be in an aim of developing coding skills to complete the quests and working on codingbat; hopefully I could make my own actual game with coding.