Semiweek Reflection 9/30

  • Self assessment: I give it my all, tried really hard to complete all the quests, but are kind of complex.
  • In review: Basically, this week is just getting familiar with python which is a computer programming software. Instead of using scratch, python pushed me into another level of computing.
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  • Goal reflection: My prior was to control the machine scratch, I made couple games with it, it seems that the goal is accomplished.
  • Goal: This time, my goal will be getting as familiar with python as I can, and program something that belongs to myself.
  • Guide-Learning: Some videos on YouTube, but I can’t remember which 🙁

One thought on “Semiweek Reflection 9/30”

  1. You’ve definitely been engaged. I’ll be eager to see your first program that you design yourself, Catfish. Keep up the work and your focus!

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