Semiweek Reflection 9/30

  • Self assessment: I give it my all, tried really hard to complete all the quests, but are kind of complex.
  • In review: Basically, this week is just getting familiar with python which is a computer programming software. Instead of using scratch, python pushed me into another level of computing.
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  • Goal reflection: My prior was to control the machine scratch, I made couple games with it, it seems that the goal is accomplished.
  • Goal: This time, my goal will be getting as familiar with python as I can, and program something that belongs to myself.
  • Guide-Learning: Some videos on YouTube, but I can’t remember which 🙁

Catching Fire

Look Blocks probably are the easiest ones, you could randomly add them into sprite. In fact, look blocks are specifically designed for single sprite and sensing. By using some of the look effects, you could build a character like a “chameleon” by adding <set color effect>, or you can create the death of it by adding the block of “hide” (Use events and sensing for supplementary functions)Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 8.13.21 AM

Funny Story

Once upon a midnight, a pink fish wearing a diaper on his head slips into a castle. This castle belongs to Catfish The Great who’s the current king of the fish kingdom. The man has a bag with him, is he going to steal anything? No his aim is to kill the King, because he slept his wife. The weapon that his going to use is a spear, he wants to stab the spear into the king’s belly.

As he walks into the king’s bedroom, he found his wife on the bed of the king, but there’s no trace of the king. Where is he? <He asks himself>

Suddenly, a man shape thing comes out of the bath room. It, the king!!!

He’s not a fish but a human!

Funny story (with messages)

Semi-weekly self assessment, Sep 8

For this week I gave it all, beside of finishing the quests, I used the machine to make games by myself(With the help of videos on YOUTUBE). I made a game of Agario and Flappy Dragon. I have completed all the quests except the Funny Story, wish there could be more quests, so they can keep me at the top of the leaderboards. For future aims, I will try to make more sophisticated games, and get more familiar with machine and its blocks.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.30.47 AMScreen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.31.01 AM