Self reflection 5/11

I gave it my all; as the final is approaching, I kept working on some of the higher level problems for the past week. The progress is kind slow due to the interference of IB exams, I didn’t have too leisure to work on coding, but I in it for a long haul. This week, I jumped into the part one of map, and I will be working on Map-2 once I am done with Map-1.

4/26 Reflection

I gave it my all; as the final is approaching, I have decided to improve through some higher level problem like the functional ones. Those problems are a lot harder than the previous ones, they require some certain logics of coding including a higher level of coding language. In order to achieve the targets I have to use some of the outside coding materials to help me sole those problems . Meanwhile, I am reviewing some of the techniques of weaving a game in scratch. For further goals, I would finish the rest of functional-1 and start doing functional-2, map-1 and map-2

Self reflection 4/6

I gave it my all; for the past week, I have been working on both Java script and python script, but mostly Java. The contents are getting more complicated and upgraded from the simple string to a complex version of string and logic. For the future, I will be in an aim of developing coding skills to complete the quests and working on codingbat; hopefully I could make my own actual game with coding.


Self-reflection 3/23

I gave it my all. After the boss battle, I realized what my weaknesses are; then I decided to seek for some guidance for coding. For the past week, I have solved most of the Python problems on Codingbat and started to work on Java in the meantime. For further aims, I will be learning the logic of coding instead of memorizing some stubborn formulas.

Self-reflection 3/2

I gave it my all. For the past week, as I moved from string1/list1 to string2/list2, the level of difficulty has increased by a lot. I spent most of my time to discuss those problems with my colleagues; fortunately, we have solved most of the problems, of course with some help. For future goal, I will shift my attention to work on some of the logic problems to enhance my coding skill.

Self-reflection, February 16th

I gave it my all; Because I was gone for the last week, I had to carry what I missed. I have read the articles that posted on Avvisi, and I have been focusing on Codingbat List, and solved couple problems; but I am still in a process of improving my skills on coding, and so far what I need is nothing but more practice. For future goals, I will try to participate in the coding competition if I could reach my previous goals, and I will keep working on Codingbat as well.

Self-Reflection Novermber 19

I gave it my all. For the past week, I have been working on coding bat. com to improve my coding skill. I have completed two of the warmups and had a huge process. Moreover, I started to get more familiar with python and learned some basic techniques. Meanwhile, I have been finishing quests on gnimorgorp as well, although the process is slow, but I in it for a long haul.Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 8.37.28 AM

Self-reflection, November 10th

Fot the previous week, i did a great job, but I could have done better. Since upgraded from scratch to python, quests are becoming complicated and confusing. In term of work, the process is kind of slow, and it always it takes me a whole block to only complete one quest. But luckily, I had a great fun of programming with computer and I started to get used to the process of learning computer science.  For the future targets, I hope I can be more skillful on programming and make something on my own.