Semi-Weekly Reflection 11 May 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection 11 May 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection 11 May 2017

I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed.

Self-Assessment: The 2 previous weeks have been quite busy, I believe I missed perhaps two or more classes because I had to take the IB examinations. Although missed a few classes, I have been working on coding as long as I stayed in class.

In review: Not working on gnimmargorp anymore except for the codex, I only work on coding bat java. For the previous weeks, I tried to work on some loop and recursive problems. I couldn’t do them by myself initially thus I watched some youtube videos to actually learn them. Plus, I have worked on a lot of functional coding skills.


Goal Reflection: As I completed few works from coding bat and have succeed on learning recursive and loop functions, which I used to feel uncomfortable (not confident) using, I consider the previous 2 weeks’ works have been quite successful.

Goal: The next 2 weeks will be my very last weeks of entire high school years. I won’t be able to come few classes due to AP and IB exams, however I will still be on task when I’m in classes and try to learn as much coding skills.

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