Semi-Weekly Reflection 26 April 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection 26 April 2017

I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed.

Self-Assessment: For the previous 2 weeks, since last week was spring break and this week, we only had 2 classes, I couldn’t done much of the work but still I have tried my best in terms of doing java activities.

In review: Although similar to the previous week, no additional project has been done from gnimmargorp, and about less than 5 additional questions were done in coding bat. However this is not because I wasn’t doing my work but merely because we did not have much time to work on.

Imagery: (Since the image is quite similar to the previous week’s, I am not posting) (but if you want to see, you can write a comment down).

Goal Reflection: The goal for the previous 2 weeks (only 2 classes in fact) was to work on java activities. Since I have been working on java coding during those classes, I achieved the goal.

Goal: Even though I do not have to take the final exam, as it is my final month of 4 high school years, I will make sure to learn many things and try my ‘personal’ best for the good end. I will be keep working on java, rarely work on python to remind myself, and be prepared for further computer coding in college.

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