Semi-Weekly Reflection 6 April 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection 6 April 2017

I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed.

Self-Assessment: This week, I only worked on java, not python. For python, I have completed about 80% of the java warm-ups.

In review: Similar to the previous week, no additional project has been done from gnimmargorp, but a lot of activities have been done in coding bat this week as well. With all the python activities done, I was able to fully concentrate on java activities. I have completed about 30 activities this week and thus got familiar with the language and the way how it works differently from python.


Goal Reflection: My goal for the current 2 weeks was to concentrate on java. I have succeed in learning java and in familiarizing the language via the warm-up java activities. Specifically, I realized about java having the difference between “=” and “equals()” and I have reduced the number of making mistakes due to “;” which is frequently necessary for end of each line. By making mistakes and realizing differences from python, I learnt many things about java coding.

Goal: The goal for the next two weeks is exactly the same as that for the previous 2 weeks. To be fully concentrated on java and familiarizing the language. To be more specific, I am planning to complete all the warm-ups for java and to even complete level 1’s of string, array, and logic if possible.

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