Semi-Weekly Reflection 23 March 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection 23 March 2017

I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed.

Self-Assessment: For this week, I continued to work on coding bat and finally all of the python activities are completed, I feel satisfied.

In review: No additional project has been done from gnimmargorp, but relatively a lot of activities have been done in coding bat this week. Not only new activities, but to remind myself I returned to the older completed tasks as well and worked on those too. As python is entirely completed, I would be more focused on java for the following 2 weeks or more.

Imagery: 6

Goal Reflection: As my previous goal was to complete the password generator and to keep on working java and python activities on coding bat, I have achieved my previous 2 weeks’ goals. As I even reviewed the previously-completed activities, my skills in coding are getting better and I am becoming faster in coding. The following activities will keep help me learn new techniques and ways of approaching problem

Goal: Not much difference from the previous goal, the goal for the next two weeks is to continue working on projects from coding bat. Since python is now completed, I will concentrate on java.

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