Semi-Weekly Reflection 2 March 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection 2 March 2017

I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed.

Self-Assessment: For this week, I occasionally worked on coding bat and mostly on the password generator project.

In review: No additional project has been done from gnimmargorp, and so as from, as I complete more and  more tasks, they get more difficult that it takes longer time and deeper thinking to finish them. For now, I am working on password generator and about to complete linking the person typing the length of the password and the length the program generates. It was indeed slightly harder than I initially thought.


Goal Reflection: The previous goals were to work on HTML codings and java from but instead I chose to continue working on python by working on this new project and some assignments from, even though the accomplishments were different from what I thought, it is worth in other ways.

Goal: The goal for the next two weeks is to perfectly complete the password generator, and to continue working on projects from coding bat. For now, I would just like to focus on python and java.

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